Outreach and Humanitarian Trips

Throughout the year the office participates in taking care of those less fortunate. Dr. Benedict and Dr. Devin Bernhardt participate in annual dental aid trips and have been to many places to provide dental care including Haiti, Uganda, St. Lucia and Guatemala. These trips typically include the whole family. Jeff and Jacob Bernhardt take care of the equipment to make sure it functions and Brigette works as a dental assistant. And they have been lucky to have team members from the office join them as well including Julianne and Dr. Kaur.

Additionally, Dr. Benedict and Bernhardt participate in CDA Cares to provide care for those less fortunate around the state.

Sustainability and Dentistry

Our office is a Green Certified Business and we do what we can to be sustainable and energy efficient. Our rooftop solar panels produce more than a megawatt of power every week under full sun. We produce more power than than we use except in the winter months. Additionally, the lighting in the office is LED. Under the parking lot there are 100,000 gallon groundwater recharge tanks. This is enough to recharge the groundwater without spilling into the street for all rainstorms smaller than a 100 year storm.

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